No Man's Sky Modding Wiki

If the MBIN you want to edit is not supported by MBinCompiler (yet) after NMS updates you can still change the MBin files by using a hex editor. The MBINs store the game values in a binary serialized form. In order to update a mod you can use a binary comparison so that both the old version MBIN values and the old modded MBIN values can be compared. Then you can apply the changes you have detected to new original MBIN. Sometimes values have shifted and you need to recognize the patterns by human eye.

Here is a little HexEditor tool list:

  • 010 (paid, with 30 day trial)
  • HxD (freeware, proprietary)
  • Hex Editor Neo (free, has paid versions)
  • Hex Workshop (paid)
  • HexEdit (mac only?)