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This page documents the structure of NMS_REALITY_GCRECIPETABLE.EXML.


Overall Structure[]

The root element is <Data template="GcRecipeTable">.

That root element has a single child element: <Property name="Table">.

That element has a child Property element for every cooking and refiner recipe. Each recipe is a Property tag with a value attribute of "GcRefinerRecipe.xml".

Recipe Structure[]

Recipe properties are described according to their names below. Each property has a name attributes and a value attribute.

  • Id: uniquely identifies the recipe.
  • Name: identifies the type of recipe.
  • TimeToMake: time required to produce recipe. For 1:1 element recipes, this is value is multiplied by 4ms.
  • Cooking: indicates a recipe for cooking food. Possible values: "True", "False".
  • Result: identifies the output and output quantity, based on child elements.
    • Id: substance ID.
    • Type: unknown. Value is always "GcInventoryType.xml".
      • InventoryType: indicates inventory item type. "Substance" means elements, like "Ferrite Dust". "Product" means crafted item or alloy, like "Dirty Bronze".
    • Amount: quantity produced per operation. This number is not limited by the stack size of the substance produced.
  • Ingredients: identifies the recipe inputs. There is a child Property element for each input.
    • (unnamed Property element): the input substance.
      • Id: see above.
      • Type: see above.
        • InventoryType: see above.
      • Amount: quantity required as input per operation. In practice, this number is limited by the stack size of the substance produced.