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By GaticusHax:

This is a list of all legal chars that NMS doesn't ignore and in the order they will appear in your folder (if it's the first character of a filename).

The chars displayed MAY not display correctly depending on the font you are using. Don't copy-paste the chars, it won't always work as you would expect.

Use the ALT+NUMPAD codes to get the correct character. For example, if you want the one-fourth symbol, hold ALT and using the number pad, enter the code. It ONLY works with the number pad, not the top row of numbers on your keyboard.

! ALT+33 # ALT+35 $ ALT+36 % ALT+37 & ALT+38 ( ALT+40 ) ALT+41 , ALT+44 . ALT+46 ; ALT+59 @ ALT+64 [ ALT+91 ] ALT+93 ^ ALT+94 _ ALT+95 ` ALT+96 { ALT+123 } ALT+125 ~ ALT+126 ¡ ALT+173 ¿ ALT+168 ¢ ALT+155 £ ALT+156 ¥ ALT+157 + ALT+43 = ALT+61 « ALT+174 » ALT+175 § ALT+21 ¬ ALT+170 ¶ ALT+20 • ALT+7 0 ALT+48 ¼ ALT+172 ½ ALT+171 1 ALT+49 2 ALT+50 3 ALT+51 4 ALT+52 5 ALT+53 6 ALT+54 7 ALT+55 8 ALT+56 9 ALT+57

These here are all in alphabetical order. (accented chars are sorted just after their plain char counterparts) All of the legal acent chars are listed here, to keep the list shorter, I've only listed the A,a and Z,z chars. Of course you don't need those codes anyway.

A ALT+65 a ALT+97 â ALT+131 ä ALT+132 à ALT+133 å ALT+134 Ä ALT+142 Å ALT+143 á ALT+160 ª ALT+166 æ ALT+145 Æ ALT+146 ' ALT+39 - ALT+45 Ç ALT+128 ç ALT+135 é ALT+130 ê ALT+136 ë ALT+137 è ALT+138 É ALT+144 ƒ ALT+159 ï ALT+139 î ALT+140 ì ALT+141 í ALT+161 ñ ALT+164 Ñ ALT+165 ö ALT+148 ò ALT+149 Ö ALT+153 ó ALT+162 º ALT+167 ü ALT+129 û ALT+150 ù ALT+151 Ü ALT+154 ú ALT+163 ÿ ˜ALT+152 Z ALT+90 z ALT+122

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