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By utilizing the spreadsheet linked below you can find references to most of the elements that you will be using to build mods that exist in game.  Most of the relevant default values have been included as well for reference.  There is a lot of information provided on the different tabs of this spreadsheet so makes sure to utilize it.

  • Biome Types
  • Damage Types
  • Technology Types
  • Tech Crafting Requirements
  • Player upgrades and stats (like armour values, laser damage, etc)
  • Products and Substances (including values, charge amounts, legality, etc)
  • Stat upgrades
  • Creature Data (including movement speed/range, swarm data, min/max scales, etc)
  • Weather Table (including temps, toxicity, and radiation.  As well as a separate table showing at what temperature damage begins to occur, for weather mods this is very useful)
  • Weather Text (cross reference from in-game text to weather ID)

Note: This spreadsheet has not yet been fully updated to include new data introduced in the 1.3 Atlas Rises update. However most of the information contained on the spreadsheet should be complete, albeit some may be missing. This table is open to edit and update for any interested.

<googlespreadsheet width="800" height="800" style="width:100%">1smwBwZ77Z-2UZkrSYAW23lk8-1mWqrka8i82LHPo8kM</googlespreadsheet>

Link to the Google Spreadsheet

Also useful, just a Google Spreadsheet with a cross reference of all the text values and their IDs.  I've found that the size of this file slows down my PC if I keep it open in Notepad so let Google's Server handle that large file!

Just English Text.

Also an Updated Version of the Google Spreadsheet by @jesuschrist

The second of these spreadsheets is maintained and managed by theFisher86.  If you have any questions or notice something wrong please contact me on Discord at @theFisher86

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