No Man's Sky Modding Wiki

The TkRotationComponentData Property adds rotations to things. It is using this Property that things like the rotating jetpack hologram gets its rotations in game.

The Property has the following form:

    <Property value="TkRotationComponentData.xml">
      <Property name="Speed" value="0.15" />
      <Property name="Axis" value="Vector4f.xml">
        <Property name="x" value="0.4" />
        <Property name="y" value="1" />
        <Property name="z" value="0" />
        <Property name="t" value="0" />

The Properties here are pretty self explanatory. Speed is the speed at which the object rotates around the axis specified.

The y-axis is the vertical axis used in game, so to get something to rotate around just the y-axis, all other values within Axis would be set to 0. t is always 0 as it isn't used at all by the game.

Unfortunately this cannot be applied to planets to make them spin (we tried!)